Majose Moralesr – Interview with a Marketer
Majose Moralesr is a member of the Hootsuite Ambassador family, so really my partner in crime online. I love joining in Twitter chats with her. This woman is able to follow and contribute to the discussion, while also translating the tweets to share with her local followers in Paraguay. Yeah, I’m impressed too. She’s good. […]
How To: My Content Curation Process – 2015 Edition
It’s nearly a year since the last post on my content curation process. New tools have appeared, and processes are streamlined. It’s still a little scrappy. What’s Changed in My Content Curation Process? One big change is which accounts I manage on which platforms. Of course, I still have my personal/Tap Dancing Spiders Twitter account, […]
The Membership Economy – Book Review
With all the success occurring with subscription boxes, Car share programs and being a member of the Hootsuite Ambassador team, I was expecting more from The Membership Economy by Robbie Kellman Baxter. Maybe my definition of membership is too community-driven and interactive? Robbie does have extensive experience: more than 20 years consulting to NetFlix, Oracle, and […]
Why are you active on social media?
Do you ever question why you’re on social media? For your brand, I mean. There’s a plethora of experts who say you must have a presence, but have you ever asked why? “Why?” is the first question I ask my clients and most of the time the answers are a little shocking. There’s a lot […]