Is your audience thinking about you?
Have you seen this cartoon by Tom Fishburne? It’s an old one now but often on my mind in discussions about audiences. Actually in discussions about all marketing really. Those times when we’re arguing over the correct tone to reach parents, or if the font has the right amount of serif. Those are the times […]
Burgers and Business with Facebook Advertising
Facebook emailed an invite to join them for burgers last week and well when Facebook email, you show up. The Burgers and Business event is part of Facebook Advertising’s focus on small businesses. It’s a natural connection because helping small businesses do well will mean they’ll spend more on social media advertising. Win-win. That said, […]
19 Tools for iPhone Video Projects
Are you using video for your brand? We’ve all seen the stats on the benefits of video. It’s engaging and personal. It’s also expensive and difficult. Well, it used to be. The advent of smart phones and internet speeds has brought the tools to make videos to us all. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any […]
The Social Church – Book Review
People are often confused why a marketer is working digital communications for a faith organization, and Justin Wise sums it up well in The Social Church. To paraphrase him, the social media tools are being used by all, so let’s use them for good. This book is a little different than most social media books, […]