Hootsuite’s Social Media Marketing Certification – an addition to Hootsuite University
Hootsuite has added a new certification to their education program: the Social Media Marketing Certification. This adds to Hootsuite University and the Social Media Strategy Certificate as their education options. It’s part of their new plan to train 1 million people in social media by 2017, because as they say “jobs that require social media […]
Eight Guiding Principles for Valuable Content Marketing
As a Content Manager my day is generally “Share, share, share, share, share, create, share, share, share, share, share, share, share, share, create, sleep”. And with all that sharing there’s also rejecting of a lot of content pieces. Especially when I’m curating content for the Diocese of Olympia. The niche is really tight, and the […]
My three favorite swag items
Recently I bragged that I was attending MozCon*. A few reminded me to take an extra bag for all the t-shirts and USB drives. I groaned. More landfill swag. There’s a limit on how many cheap shapeless shirts and branded USB drives a girl can take. Generally speaking I’ll decline all swag. It may be […]