Four Things I Learned Running My First Google AdWords Campaign
Recently I ran my first Google AdWords campaign. OK, well technically not my first campaign. I ran lots of campaigns while working with Marchex a few years ago. This was my first one directly on the Google AdWords platform and the first one with a conversion goal. I underestimated how different it would be, and […]
Valuable Content Marketing – Book Review
Do you feel like you missed the boat with content marketing? For some, it’s a big change from previous marketing strategies. How can sharing your secrets and empowering your audience make you money? Valuable Content Marketing by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton is the book to explain why content marketing is so effective, and how […]
Learn social media from the best, for free, in your PJs
Working part-time for a nonprofit while studying this year means I’ve had no budget to learn social media, so I’m rather excited by Tuesday’s Connect via Hootsuite virtual conference. It’s totally free. And being virtual means no travel or accommodation costs. No pulling out your suit to impress, pants are optional. We know also that […]
Are your social media profiles up-to-date?
Autumn is a great time to update your social media profiles. It’s kind of like Spring Cleaning but in Autumn. I know you put a lot of thought in when you first set up your social media profiles, I know I did. But when was the last time you checked it over? Does it reflect […]