Tourism Social Media at #HootUpYVR
Like many of the Hootsuite Ambassadors, I’ve always had HootUp envy. Sure, we’re invited to run our own HootUps (community-lead Hootsuite events), but it’s not the same as the ones at Hootsuite HQ in Vancouver. Last night that changed. Public holidays aligned with events and I joined the full house to discover how three top […]
Campaigns that Shook the World – Book Review
Rita Skeeter came to mind often while reading Campaigns that Shook the World by Danny Rogers. Maybe my expectations were out, but I was expecting an in-depth look at some amazing public relations campaigns. Instead, I got a who’s who of, primarily British, PR people. Campaigns that Shook the World did include campaigns that shook […]
Tips for Great Smartphone Photography
We all know the benefits of great photography. According to a recent HubSpot study, tweets with images get 18% more click-though, and blog posts are shared twice as often. I know that I won’t add ugly content to Facebook, no matter how on-brand it is for that client or employer. However, it’s not easy to […]
Little Rice – Book Review
I’ve lived in two countries and spend a lot of time in a third, but they’re all rather homogenous. All are English-speaking and tech-enabled. Your phone runs either iOS or Android. It’s all pretty easy. That’s why I loved reading Little Rice by Clay Shirky. It tells a story that’s similar to my everyday, but […]