What I Learned in 2015: A Career Reflection
This is the time when all the marketing blogs are are filled with Top 10 lists: the top 10 most successful campaigns, the top 10 most popular posts/stories/apps etc. As the aim of Tap Dancing Spiders is to coach, inform and educate, I want to share what I learned in 2015. Both the positive and […]
Visiting Amazon’s brick and mortar bookstore
About 20 minutes ago I walked through Amazon’s only (first?) brick and mortar bookstore. It opened nearly two months ago, and being in Seattle I probably should have stopped by earlier. Everyone has opinions about Amazon. One of my favorite people won’t shop with them because of their staffing practices. After a horrible interview experience when […]
Content Inc – Book Review
Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi is like the latest James Bond movie. I’ve finished it, but I’m not sure if I like it. Joe Pulizzi is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute thus the source of many of my Tweets, so I eagerly pounced on a review copy of his latest book. Unfortunately, grad […]