Are We Seeing a Move Away from Online Retail?
Black Friday 2016 set a new record. No, not the number of parking lot assaults (hopefully that count is decreasing), but online sales outnumbered those in-store. The National Retail Federation reported 99.1 million Americans* shopping in-store and a massive 108.5 million online. Sure there’s some duplication and the research didn’t specifically say there were no […]
Passing the Hootsuite Platform Certification
On the weekend (Saturday night to be exact) I confirmed my nerdiness and passed the Hootsuite Platform Certification. You may have noticed that Hootsuite has been revamping their education offering. About a year ago they announced a plan to educate 1 million people by 2017. I’m not sure how that’s going but it’s an audacious […]
Remembering September 11 on Social Media – Tastefully
Earlier this week a friend texted asking advice on her company’s September 11 posts. The atrocities that occurred 15 years ago today have definitely changed the world, and more so within the United States. A colleague said it’s our generation’s Pearl Harbor or the moon landing. I had no plans of living in the US […]
Podcasts to Make You a Better Marketer
We never seem to have enough time for our own training and development. These are my favorites and I hope you enjoy these podcasts to make you a better marketer.
Social Selling – Book Review
There are a few different understandings of social selling. I must admit this book is about my least favorite definition. I should backtrack a bit. Social Selling, the book not the process, is Tim Hughes’ first book and co-written with Matt Reynolds. It’s about the different tools and tactics salespeople can now use to initiate […]
Propel – Book Review
In the blurb for Propel, Whitney Keyes promises: This title shows you how to identify opportunities at your fingertips and use them to build market share, boost brand loyalty, and generate more revenue fast! And she follows through with this promise. The full name of the book is Propel: Five Ways to Amp-Up Your Marketing […]