SEO for Lazy Marketers
Recently I was chatting with a friend about rebuilding a mutual client’s website. She asked me to remind the client to stop putting all her copy in images because it’s not good SEO practice. It’s always been a balance between empowering independent clients, and getting it right. I was aware of the issue but had […]
Forget Passion. Follow Your Curiosity.
How many times have you been told to follow your passion? For a college major, job, everything. Follow your passion and life’s set. But what if you can’t find your passion? A couple of friends, who don’t know each other, are contemplating what to do next in their careers. They are both college-educated and in […]
The Cluetrain Manifesto – Book Review
I think it’s time to put The Cluetrain Manifesto in the vault. For 17 years it has been touted as the life changing marketing book that everyone should read. It’s now 2016 and while some still need to adopt the practices, more marketers have taken the manifesto and improved on it. Many years ago. There […]
The internet loses its capital letter, and other AP StyleBook changes
In April, the American Copy Editors Society announced the 2016 updates to their AP StyleBook. All up there are 250 changes, and some are more significant than others. For those outside the United States, the AP StyleBook is THE go-to for writers, marketers and journalists. It stops us using Oxford commas and standardizes terminology for […]