Gladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust – Book Review
Gamification isn’t game theory, but I suspect most marketers are like me and not actually know what game theory is. That’s what I was hoping to learn from Gladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust. Mathematician, Haim Shapira, promised to remove the scary math from game theory and make it something everyone can understand. Perhaps it […]
Why your WordPress site needs an SSL certificate
This morning Blue Host emailed offering me a free SSL certificate for one of my WordPress sites hosted with them. I’ve been meaning to add one to but wasn’t in a rush. We don’t collect personal or financial information (comments are linked to Gravatar) and those certificates can be expensive. Sure we have affiliate […]
The Art of Invisibility by Kevin Mitnick – Book Review
You may be questioning why a digital marketer would encourage reading the Art of Invisibility. It’s a book teaching how to hide your online life. Hiding online actions does tend to make our jobs as digital marketers rather difficult. However, you need to read this book for several reasons. First, I believe in informed choices. […]
Super Bowl Ads 2017 – Who Was Great?
Note: Thanks to all who’ve been checking in for the Super Bowl ads. The list of great ads is now complete.  Maybe it’s because I’m more marketer than advertiser. Maybe it’s because in Australia we only saw the best of the best Super Bowl ads. Either way, I seem to have higher expectations of Super Bowl […]