Bloggers, let’s talk about your media kits
Yesterday I wrote the media kit that I want to see as a marketer. My situation is a little bit different. As a digital marketing generalist, I’m sometimes asked to work with bloggers on influencer programs. Then, with Mass Consternation, I am the blogger. While I’m careful to avoid conflicts, there’s definitely knowledge sharing going […]
The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet – Book Review
What do you do when your CEO thinks he doesn’t need social media? You hand them a copy of Ryan Holme’s new book, The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet. I recommend leaving it open on page nine. If you didn’t recognize the name, Ryan Holmes is the founder and CEO of Hootsuite. Yes, that social media […]
Review: WordPress Versus Squarespace
This weekend I built a Squarespace site. Yes, you read that correct. The woman who has been a WordPress devotee for eight years set up a site on a different CMS – one that she paid for. To be fair, I’ve never been blindly loyal to WordPress. I just haven’t found anything that comes close. […]
Completing the Customer Experience with Branded Packaging
This week I called out for a brand audit referral for a client in Melbourne, Australia. A well-meaning friend suggested I use a Seattle Digital Marketers Facebook group to find someone. Working in digital makes it really easy to forget that customer experience occurs offline too. We promote our products online, we transact online. But […]
Beware the Dead-End Dashboard
You’ve considered the purpose of your dashboard. You’ve worked with colleagues to ensure the questions being answered are the correct ones. You’ve considered layout and design and made something beautifully functional. In fact, you’ve made a successful dashboard that helps people answer the questions they are asking. Congratulations! Building an effective dashboard is a difficult […]