Do You Use a Style Guide? You Should
I’m currently reading Emmy Favilla’s upcoming book on language. She describes writing BuzzFeed’s first style guide, and it got me thinking about the different style guides I’ve used and how they’ve helped my writing. They’re especially useful when writing for different audiences and different countries. What is a Style Guide? A few of my clients […]
Learn how to personalize sales with Meconomics 101
Sometimes I read physical books, Meconomics 101 is one of those. Brian E Gracon’s book promises 16 ways to improve your marketing, selling and business management for today’s consumers. There’s so much I shouldn’t like about this book. The mention of “today’s consumers”, the fictional examples, the MS Word graphics. Each of which is things […]
WordPress Resources for New Marketers
You have the blog (or have been allocated it), but what’s next? I was recently asked to write some tips for a client’s content writer. Just the basics like setting for SEO and learning to text wrap images. While I think of these as basics, they’re new for some. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of amazing […]