Being a social media marketer means being agile and in the moment. Your audience doesn’t realize how much planning and work goes into that snappy post.

We do.

Tap Dancing Spiders grew out of Bianca’s frustration at trying to track all the fun social media opportunities available. Once the list became rather long, it was time to release it to the wild; along with a few other resources. Very few of these are proprietary to Tap Dancing Spiders, but they will save you time and ensure you never miss an engagement opportunity.

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But wasn’t launched in 2007? Yes, it was. It was Bianca’s personal blog for a short time. In 2008 the blog topic was public relations and marketing (Bianca was studying PR at RMIT University then). In 2009, Bianca went freelance and launched Tap Dancing Spiders as a business. First in Australia, then in the US where it is currently based.