Bianca J Smith


Bianca is a marketer, helping non-profit and not-for-profit organizations tell their stories online.

She works with clients mainly in the US, but also Australia and Canada. She’s a digital marketing generalist with most of her work in organic social media and content strategy (the websites and the words).

Previously she worked part-time with the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, while completing a Master of Communications with RMIT University. With the diocese, she changed the social media strategy to be more audience-focused and developed a new website to encourage members of the faith. In her spare time, she’s a Hootsuite Ambassador for North America. For fun, she shoots toy photography with a growing collection of Lego minifigures. Yep, she’s a geek. Bianca’s non-marketing writing is at Mass Consternation.

Bianca started, originally as a personal blog, in 2008. It quickly evolved into first a public relations resource (while she completed her PR graduate degree) and now more general digital marketing.

Bianca is available to speak at conferences and workshops, and has been interviewed by the media. She’d love to chat with you via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Are you curious about the website name, Tap Dancing Spiders? Bianca is a Harry Potter fan. Tap Dancing Spiders is a line from the fourth movie, but she recommends you read the books to discover the brilliance of JK Rowling.

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