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Affiliate Links and Sponsored Posts on Tap Dancing Spiders

Focussing Tap Dancing Spiders as a resource has meant we feel comfortable with adding ads and making the site pay for itself. It’s not that we didn’t have monetization previously. It was just discrete with tagged links in book reviews.

Ads have now been added, as well as more links being tagged as affiliate links. Sponsored and guest posts will be coming. The attitude is still the same though – you, the reader, comes first. It doesn’t matter how much people pay us, anything we say will be honest and factual. Ads are for products that we personally use and endorse. That said, we’re not aiming to make money. Just to cover costs.

Publishers give us many books via NetGalley. Bianca is terrible at remembering to tag them with the FTC disclaimer. Generally speaking if the book hasn’t been released or is very new, then it was a gift. The reviews are honest and while you’ll never see a totally slamming review they do exist. We prefer to focus on the positive and really negative feedback only goes to the publisher.

That’s the same for posts featuring Hootsuite. Bianca is a volunteer brand ambassador because they make the best social media management platform available. The perks and swag are just bonuses.

Guest Posts on Tap Dancing Spiders

Guest posts is a new area we’re still playing with. We’re developing a criteria list to entice submissions that you’ll be interested in.

If you’re interested in guest blogging for us, please read the guest post guidelines and then get in touch..

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