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Book Review: Got Social Mediology?Got Social Mediology?: Using Psychology to Master Social Media for Your Business without Spending a Dime by Jay Izso
Published by InterAction Press on February 21st 2015
Pages: 312
Source: NetGalley
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What’s with the great marketing books early in the year? Last year had the Bright Idea Box and Brand EsSense. This year we have Got Social Mediology? by Jay Izso.

Maybe I loved Got Social Mediology? because Jay is a business consultant AND psychology teacher. This book is 70% social media marketing and 30% psychology, and the mix works brilliantly. Instead of the plethora of books that tell you what to do, Got Social Mediology? tells you what to do, and the human behavior behind why you should.

I’m not really sure which bit to gush about next. The honesty that not all social media is right for all brands, the useful inclusion of campaign timings and a reminder you won’t get results overnight, or the discussion of different personality types on social media. That last one deserves its own book and I know I always forget the Social Media Benchwarmer with their invisible impact.

Jay uses examples and case studies really well. I’m assuming they are all his clients or friends because there’s a very strong North Carolina concentration. My first reaction was to question the concentration, but I really do like it. Instead of using multinational cases, these are small businesses, the same kind whose owners would be reading this book. It showed that social media can help all businesses and proved Jay’s introductory promise that using these tactics won’t cost a dime.

I learned some new words in Got Social Mediology?. No, not those kind of words. These ones would confuse my grandmother, not insult her. Parasocial contact is the one-way connection we have with our favorite celebs on social media. This is the technical term for social media stalking. After seeing John Barrowman’s Instagram feed with his husband sleeping definitely makes me feel I know him, even if I’m just another name on his follower list. Another is fitsperation: the inspiration to get fit that we receive from seeing fitness photos. So, set up that fitness Pinterest board.

There were a few of things I struggled with in Got Social Mediology?, but they are tiny things. First, grouping social media behaviors by age. I promise I won’t do a rant on how life stage is more accurate than age. The digital natives, etc. references did die out early in the book, but grates on me. The other was something that would have been very tricky for Jay to avoid. It’s the issue of Google Authorship. Jay uses it as a reason to use Google Plus for the exact same reasons all marketers lauded it. Except Google isn’t so keen on it and hasn’t decided if it’s really a SEO ranking factor or not. I suppose this really just shows the speed of the industry, more than inaccuracies. I also wouldn’t totally dismiss organic Facebook due to Edgerank. In Australia, Mornington Peninsula Cheap Fruit and Vegetables has built their business on their facebook community and constantly having to expand their capacity to keep up.

Who is Got Social Mediology? For?

Small business owners and marketers will get the most out of this book. There wasn’t much that was new for me, personally, but there are many things that I’m coaching my clients and newer marketers on. It’s definitely one of my recommended books for 2015, even this early in the year.

Buy it when it’s released February 21.

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