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Business Stripped Bare by Richard BransonBusiness Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur by Richard Branson
Published by Portfolio on April 26th 2011
Pages: 368
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Richard Branson’s latest book, Business Stripped Bare, is like his global empire: positive, honest and challenging.

Through the 328 pages, Branson puts his teams and himself out as examples of what to do and, more importantly, not to do to a success in business. He gives credit where credit’s due and names team members who have helped bring forth his amazing success and uses his own learnings in examples of where he thinks that he, and the Virgin Group, could have done better. Like the Virgin Pulse MP3 player. Never heard of it? Branson would prefer he had listened to the analysis and not released it.

A later chapter gives some of the true passion that motivates Branson and should be a lesson to all. While most of the book’s focus is on Branson’s business success, he also reminds readers that everyone has a social responsibility and that those who are successful in business are more accountable to helping others.

The book is written in Branson’s natural voice, giving it the feel of a conversation with a friend, more so than an instructional text. He’s a friendly mentor to the world, not just the Virgin Group. It’s impossible not to be inspired by his journey and the change he has brought to the world.

Who Should Read Business Stripped Bare?

Business owners looking for a different way of doing things. Richard Branson didn’t go to business school. He learned everything through experience, and from his advisors. He does many things from how he feels people should be treated, not how a business model says he should. So Business Stripped Bare can help you be more creative with your thinking and how toy run your business.

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