The Hootsuite Ambassador’s Favorite Business Books for 2015

This year’s list of the Hootsuite Ambassador’s favorite business books for 2015 is rather different than the 2014 list. It’s interesting to see that none of the Hootsuite Ambassador’s favorite business books were actually published in 2015. The unchanging foundations of marketing and communications is probably a topic for another post, but an observation that impressed me. What I take from that is Hootsuite Ambassadors look deeper than the latest shiny thing.

From what’s a round-about introduction, let’s turn back to the books.

How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleJab, Jab, Right Hook The Art of Social Media
 Dale Carnegie Gary Vaynerchuk Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

The top three were tied for first place. The Art of Social Media has remained a favorite from 2014.

The Other Favorite Business Books of 2015

This is a long list. The Hootsuite Ambassadors made more than 1,000 nominations over all genres. Cuts had to be made, so I should explain the methodology. This list of 278 titles was after removing non-business books and duplicate nominations from the same Ambassador. I then had to find the books on the US Amazon store for them to be included. Sorry, this meant a few international titles were dropped. It’s a really long list, so I lacked time to search all titles. Some nominations lacked enough details to find the books, so apologies but they were dropped too.

That left us with 278 titles from approximately 250 authors. Some authors wrote some books with partners, mixing up the count.

There were a couple of unusual nominations that I left in. Mein Kamp by Aldolf Hitler is in. His economics and sociology knowledge was brilliant, even if he used the knowledge for evil. A couple of self-help books were in because I used the broad rule of any book that helps your career. Oh, and yes they are affiliate links. Not because I want any revenue (because you can’t make a living from Amazon referrals) but because it was easier to grab those links than clean ones.

Let us know in the comments if there are some business books you’d add.

 Human to Human Bryan Kramer
 Shareology Bryan Kramer
 Youtility Jay Baer
 Art of War Sun Tzu
 Inbound Marketing 2nd Edition Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah
 Social Media ROI Vincenzo Cosenza
 Start with Why Simon Sinek
 Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson
 The Four-Hour Work Week Tim Ferris
 All Marketers Are Liars Seth Godin
 Everybody Writes Ann Handley
 Permission Marketing Seth Godin
 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey
 Socialnomics Erik Qualman
 The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell
 The Unofficial Book on Hootsuite Mike Allton
 The War of Art Steven Pressfield
 Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
 What’s the Future of Business Brian Solis
 #Socialholic Fernando Polo Hernanz
 500 Social Media Marketing Tips Andrew McCarthy
 A World Gone Social Ted Coine and Mark Babbitt
 Buyology Martin Lindstrom
 Contagious Jonah Berger
 Content Rules Ann Hadley and CC Chapman
 Content Warfare Ryan Hanley
 Fai di te stesso un brand Riccardo Scandellari
 Getting Things Done David Allen
 Growth Hacker Marketing Ryan Holiday
 Leave Your Mark Aliza Licht
 Likeable Social Media Dave Kerpen
 Made to Stick Chip Heath and Dan Heath
 Manage Your Day to Day Jocelyn K. Glei and 99U
 Marketing in Less Than 1,000 Words Rob Burns
 No Bullshit Social Media Jason Falls
 Purple Cow Seth Godin
 SEO Power Giorgio Taverniti
 The 48 Laws of Power Robert Greene
 The Content Code Mark Schaefer
 The Lean Startup Eric Ries
 The One-Minute Manager Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, M.D.
 The Power of Visual Storytelling Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio
 The Promise of a Pencil Adam Braun
 The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren
 The Road to Social Media Success Sean Gardner
 The Tao of Twitter Mark Schaefer
 What Would Google Do? Jeff Jarvis
 Who Moved My Cheese? Spencer Johnson
 Will the real YOU please stand up Kim Garst
 Work Rules! Laszlo Bock
 Your Brand, The Next Media Company Michael Brito
 #GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso
 $100 Start Up Chris Guillebeau
 1001 Ways to Get More Customers Jonathan Jay
 12 Elements Of The Winner Matrix Eric Lassard
 A Framework for Marketing Management Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller
 Age of Context Robert Scobie
 Aligning Strategy and Sales Frank V. Cespedes
 An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom Michael Warren Munsey
 Analytics 2.0 Avinash Kaushik
 APE : Author Publisher and EntrepreneurGuy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch
 Appreciation at Work Gary D Chapman and Paul E. White
 Aziende di successo sui social media Leonardo Bellini and Lorena Di Stasi
 Become a Technical Marketer Justin Mares and Nathaniel Eliason
 Blink Malcolm Gladwell
 Born to Blog Mark Schaefer and Stanford Smith
 Brand Media Strategy Antony Young
 Brilliant Networking Steven D’Souza
 Building Social Business Muhammad Yunus
 Built to Sell John Warrillow
 Business Analytics for Managers Gert H. N. Laursen and Jesper Thorlund
 Campaigns that Shook the World Danny Rogers
 Cluetrain Manifesto Rick Levine and Christopher Locke
 Comment devenir une star des médias sociaux Dominic Arpin and Patrick Dion
 Connected: The Surprising Power of our Social Networks Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler
 Content SEO Joost de Valk
 Creativity, Inc Ed Catmull
 Ctrl + Alt + Delete Mitch Joel
 Customer CEO Chuck Wall
 Customer Innovation Marion Debruyne
 Dataclysm Christian Rudder
 David and Goliath Malcolm Gladwell
 Decoding the New Consumer Mind Kit Yarrow
 Delivering Happiness Tony Hsieh
 Design Thinking Tim Brown
 Difference Bernadette Jiwa
 Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd Youngme Moon
 Digital Leader Erik Qualman
 Digital Neuromarketing Sam Page
 Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug
 Dot Complicated Randi Zuckerberg
 Duct Tape Marketing John Jantsch
 Email Marketing con MailChimp Alessandro Frangioni
 eMarketing Rob Stockes
 Enchantment Guy Kawasaki
 Epic Content Marketing Joe Pulizzi
 Facebook, Surfen und Co Jane Schmidt
 Fare blogging è un’arte Riccardo Esposito
 Fire Up Debra Trapper
 First Break All The Rules Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
 Free Prize InsideSeth Godin
 Funky Business Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale
 Gamification by Design Gabe Zichermann and Christopher Cunningham
 Get Off Your Arse Brad Burton
 Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got Jay Abraham
 Getting to Yes Roger Fisher and William L. Ury
 Give and Take Adam Grant
 Global Content Marketing Pam Didner
 Got Social Mediology Jay Izso
 Groundswell Charlene Li
 Guerrilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson
 Guerrilla Marketing Research Robert Kaden
 Hatching Twitter Nick Bilton
 How Not to Suck at LinkedIn Joshua Waldman
 How to Deliver a TED Talk Jeremey Donovan
 How to Fly a Horse Kevin Ashton
 How to REALLY Use LinkedIn Jan Vermeiren
 How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Dale Carnegie
 HTML5 For Masterminds JD Gauchat
 Identités Visuelles Jean Marie Floch
 In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives Steven Levy
 Instagram Power Jason G Miles
 Introduction to Health and Safety at Work Phil Hughes and Ed Ferrett
 Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) Mindy Kaling
 Lean Analytics Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz
 Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics Benjamin Mangold
 Les Médias Sociaux 201 Michelle Blanc
 Les Réseaux Sociaux Adam Molariss and FB/ IndéGraphics
 Let My People Go Surfing Yvon Chouinard
 Let’s Connect! Jan Vermeijen
 Linked To Influence: 7 Powerful Rules For Becoming A Top Influencer In Your Market Stephanie Sammons
 Little RiceClay Shirky
 Lovemarks Kevin Roberts
 Make Your Mark Jocelyn K Glei
 Makers: The New Industrial Revolution Chris Anderson
 Making Sense of Media and Politics: Five Principles in Political Communication Gadi Wolfsfeld
 Manuale di fundraising Valerio Melandri
 Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! Nicholas Carlson
 Marketing 3.0 Philip Kotler
 Marketing Analytics Tristán Elósegui
 Marketing de Contenidos Eva Sanagustin Fernandez
 Marketing in Context Chris Hackley
 MasterMind Dinners Build Lifelong Relationships by Connecting Experts, Influencers and Linchpins Jayson Gaignard
 Mastery Robert Greene
 Maximize your Potential Jocelyn K. Glei and 99U
 Maximize your Social Neal Schaffer
 Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing Neal Schaffer
 Mein Kamp Adolf Hitler
 Mobile Marketing: an Hour a Day Rachel Pasqua and Noah Elkin
 Moonwalking with Einstein Joshua Foer
 Networking: Your Professional Survival Guide Filipe Carerra
 Never Eat Alone Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz
 New Rules of the Game Susan Packard
 Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office Lois P. Frankel
 Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future Rohit Bhargava
 Organizations Don’t Tweet People Do Euan Sample
 Paid Attention Faris Yakob
 Persuasive Copywriting Andy Maslen
 Pillole di blogging Silvia Geraci
 Predictable Revenue Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler
 Predictably Irrational Dan Ariely
 Presentation Zen Garr Reynolds
 QR Codes Kill Kittens Scott Stratten
 Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking Susan Cain
 Red Sammy Hagar
 Renegades Write the Rules Amy Jo Martin
 Return on Influence Mark Schaefer
 Rework Jason Fried
 Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert T. Kiyosaki
 Scientific Advertising Claude Hopkins
 Signals Pippa Malmgren
 Simple SEO for Content Creators Bill Rice
 Slide:ology Nancy Duarte
 Social Location Marketing Simon Salt
 Social Media for Social Good Heather Mansfield
 Social Media Marketing Guido Di Fraia
 Social Media Marketing All-In-One For Dummies Jan Zimmerman and Deborah Ng
 Social Physics Alex Pentland
 Solving Problems with Design Thinking Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King and Kevin Bennett
 Spin Sucks Gini Dietrich
 Standard of Trust Rob Peters
 Start Something that Matters Blake Mycokie
 Startup Bible Anis Uzzaman
 Sticky Branding Jeremy Miller
 Strategia digitale Giuliana Laurita and Roberto Venturini
 Strategie e tattiche di Facebook Marketing Veronica Gentili
 Strengths Finder 2.0 Tom Rath
 Subject to Change Peter Merholz and Brandon Schauer
 Success Using Social Media Teddy Burriss
 Successful Selling for Small Business Jackie Wade
 Switch Chip Heath and Dan Heath
 Talent Mindset Stacy Feiner
 The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding Al Ries and Laura Ries
 The 50 Ideas that Shaped Business Today Financial Times
 The Age of Unreason Charles Handy
 The Art of the Start Guy Kawasaki
 The Business of Being Social Michelle Carvill and David Taylor
 The Checklist Manifesto Atul Gawande
 The Coworking Handbook Ramon Suarez
 The Culture Engine S. Chris Edmonds
 The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords Perry Marshall
 The Digital Age Eric Schmidt
 The Dragonfly Effect Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith
 The e-Myth Michael E. Gerber
 The Element Ken Robinson
 The Elements of Content Strategy Erin Kissane
 The Engaged Leader Charlene Li
 The Facebook Effect David Kirkpatrick
 The Five Disfunctions of a Team Patrick Lencioni
 The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth Chris Brogan
 The Go Getter Peter B Kyne
 The Gold Standard Ari Gold
 The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor
 The Happiness of Pursuit Chris Guillebeau
 The Honest Truth About Dishonesty Dan Ariely
 The Innovators Walter Isaacson
 The Likeability Factor Tim Sanders
 The LinkedIn Code Melonie Dodaro
 The Little Book of Big PR Jennefer Witter
 The Marketing Agency Blueprint Paul Roetzer
 The Millionaire Next Door Thomas J Stanley
 The Obstacle is the Way Ryan Holiday
 The Paradox of Choice Barry Schwartz
 The Power of Habit Charles Duhigg
 The Power of Social Networking Tara Hunt
 The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Joseph Murphy
 The Proven AdWords Strategy Ir. Stefan Rooyackers and Gemma Searle M.A.
 The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing DJ Waldow
 The Road Less Travelled M Scott Peck
 The Science of Marketing Dan Zarrella
 The Social Employee Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess
 The Social Jobseeker Julie Bishop
 The Social Media Bible Lon Safko
 The Start-up of You Ben Casnocha and Reid Hoffman
 The Thank You Economy Gary Vaynerchuk
 The Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy Pietra Rivoli
 The Tweetable Pope Michael J. O’Loughlin
 The World of Internet Marketing Jonathan Edward Goodman
 Things a Little Bird Taught Me Biz Stone
 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Interior eDesign Business Alycia Wicker
 Think and Grow Big Napoleon Hill
 Think Like Silicon Valley Being Anywhere Jorge Zavala
 Thinking Big: How the Evolution of Social Life Shaped the Human Mind Robin Dunbar and Clive Gamble
 Thinking Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman
 Thrive Arianna Huffington
 Traction Gino Wickman
 Transform your Nonprofit with Inbound Marketing Brooke Freedman and Taylor Corrado
 Trendology C Kerns
 Tribal Leadership John King
 Tribes Seth Godin
 Trust Agents Chris Brogan and Julien Smith
 Understanding Media: The Extension of Man Marshall McLuhan
 Unselling Scott Stratten
 Valuable Content Marketing Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton
 Value Proposition Design Alexander Osterwalder
 Velocity Dee Jacob
 Virtual Freedom Chris C Ducker
 Vivr Sin Jefe Sergio Fernandez
 Web Analytics Demystified Eric Peterson
 Web Marketing per le PMIMiriam Bertoli
 Web Marketing that Works Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins
 What Color is Your Parachute? Richard N. Bolles
 What Got You Here Won’t Get You There Marshall Goldsmith
 When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management Roger Lowenstein
 When to Rob a Bank Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
 Why We Buy Paco Underhill
 Win/Win Networking: Your Guidebook for Confident and Effective Connections Teresa Thomas
 Words that Sell Richard Bayan
 Work Smarter with Social Media Alexandra Samuel
 Work Smarter with Twitter and Hootsuite Alexandra Samuel
 Would Driving a Porsche Change your Life? Wouter Snyman
 Write Everything Right Denny Hatch
 Your Customer Creation Equation Brian Massey
 Zero to One Peter Thiel and Blake Masters
 Discipled Entrepreneurship Bill Aulet

Bianca Smith

Bianca is a freelance digital marketer in Seattle. She works with clients big and small, in the US and Australia, on digital marketing, branding, event communications, social media and website content.

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