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Fire Up by Debra Trappen – Book ReviewFire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11... by Debra Trappen
Published by E5 Publishing on April 11th 2015
Pages: 132
Source: Author
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Finishing my Masters degree meant marketing book reviews were put aside for a bit. I have a couple of others lined up but when Debra Trappen announced a book tour for Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11… I couldn’t resist jumping it to the top of the pile. I’ve been envious of Andy’s book tour posts over on The Pewter Wolf, so it was exciting to have my turn. I may as well throw the disclaimer in here. Debra gifted me a copy of the book with a request to review it. She only asked me to review it, not how to review it. It’s a positive review because it’s a good book. Read it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

OK, so that aside, let’s talk about Fire Up.

Fire Up is a how-to guide for personal branding. The first half of the book is all about you – what are your values and passions. The second half teaches how to use the main online media to get your word out. I’ve probably worded that poorly. Debra is a modern marketer, so it’s more building relationships than blasting your message.

I’m going to concentrate this review on the personal branding. Regular visitors to Tap Dancing Spiders should know the online media parts. If not, then I have failed on here.

Debra-Trappen-Personal-BrandingDebra starts Fire Up with a definition of personal branding. I love that she did. My first reaction to this book was “oh, no, more self-help books”. I know Debra from Twitter, and she’s always full of positive affirmations, but personal branding is different than self-help. Debra uses the first half of the book to facilitate exercises to define brand you. What are your passions and values? What three words define you? Sure you’ll learn self-helpy stuff in the process, but it’s a little more separate. She also intermixes the terms entrepreneur and a more general you, expanding the usefulness beyond entrepreneurs. I was reading chapter five and thinking of a science-trained at-home mum and how she’ll find this book useful.

A few times it felt like Debra was in my head. Not only during the Why? chapter (those whom I coach will be familiar with me pushing to know why), but with reminders of things I know I should be doing. I am getting better at saying no to things that don’t fit my value words, I promise. The last page made me laugh. On the preceding page, there’s a great Moxie Memo (Debra’s positive affirmations and reminders). I thought how it would be great to print these to share. The very next page had a link to them with an invitation to share them on Pinterest.

Who is Fire Up for?

I don’t know anyone who this book can’t help. For me, there were reminders, and PACE may end up framed on my office wall. I know Debra’s intended audience is entrepreneurs because their brand and their business brands meld. However, I include people only looking to work for large companies. While you can work for the same company for life, you need to still take control of your career, and this book will help you work out what you want – your passions.

I recommend you add Fire Up to your summer reading (or curled up in front of the heater for those in Australia and the southern hemisphere). Oh, and Debra, I make a wish at 11:11 too.



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2 thoughts on “Fire Up by Debra Trappen – Book Review

  1. Ooooodles of thanks for this fantastic review, Bianca! It is so much FUN that we both share an 11:11 wish connection. I truly appreciate you joining the Fire Up! Virtual Book Tour… and look forward to keeping in touch. ~D

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