Edward L Bernays: The Father of SpinHere is the (long awaited) follow up on Edward L Bernays: The Father of Spin. In the last post I had just started reading Larry Tye’s biography on Bernays. I wasn’t sure if Bernays was a good guy or not. He introduced behavioural sciences into public relations and business, but also popularised cigarette smoking within females, despite knowing the harm caused. So, I was on the fence.

Two days ago I finished the book and, honestly, I’m still on that fence. I can acknowledge that Bernays did some amazing stuff. His research was second to none, he pushed boundaries and grew a fledgling occupation into an industry. However, he was a selfish, egotistical bastard who appears to have bent and fabricated the truth to build his own self-esteem. So, good guy or bad guy? Let’s just say I appreciate his achievements, but it doesn’t mean I need to like the man.

Who is Edward L Bernays: The Father of Spin for?

I read this as a PR graduate student and it gave me the perfect history of the industry and practices we use today. So, I recommend the same. Are you interested in early PR? Then check this out.

Any suggestions for my next bedtime reading book?

2 thoughts on “Follow Up on Edward L Bernays: The Father of Spin

  1. hmmm, how about a nice art textbook – one on the Pre-Raphaelites would be good, or Art Nouveau *hint hint*. Our school library has a lovely one on the PRB, but I can’t borrow it out cause it is a reference! (working up the courage to abuse my privileges as one of librarian’s favourites – but am I stretching the fundamental rules these book-organising people cling to? 😛 Well, no one else uses them so I should be able to!)Art textbooks are my fav kind of textbook 😀 soooooo interesting!! 8)

  2. p.s. good to see you’ve been updating your blog ^^ quite a few new entries since I last dropped by (keep them coming!)

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