It’s time to brag – my folio is updated

Edelman Trust Barometer EventOK, this is now a second post about me. I promise it’ll be the last for a long while.

With all this moving on stuff and the short lifespan of social media content, it was time to add more entries to my folio.

My work with Expedia’s Social and PR team has now been saved. Along with some of the Tweets from Edelman’s 13th Trust Barometer launch in Seattle. And because every blog post needs a photo, the image is one I took at the event. Yes, it was a phone Tweeting in one hand and a DSLR in the other.

Enjoy the projects.

Bianca Smith

Bianca is a freelance digital marketer in Seattle. She works with clients big and small, in the US and Australia, on digital marketing, branding, event communications, social media and website content.

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