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Meconomics 101 by Brian E Gracon
Published by Black Rose Writing on May 12th 2016
Pages: 202

Sometimes I read physical books, Meconomics 101 is one of those. Brian E Gracon’s book promises 16 ways to improve your marketing, selling and business management for today’s consumers.

There’s so much I shouldn’t like about this book. The mention of “today’s consumers”, the fictional examples, the MS Word graphics. Each of which is things that usually have me passing on books, except the content in Meconomics 101 is really useful.

I first heard Brian interviewed on Tema Frank’s podcast and his discussion of consumer behavior during the recession had me ordering the book on the spot. Alas, Meconomics 101 doesn’t cover that (but I’d love to read about it). Meconomics 101 is a customer-oriented sales process.

To surmise the book a tad far, it’s resolution selling. What makes it different is that it’s focused on the individual customer, instead of assuming all customers are the same. This shouldn’t be anything new, but some salespeople forget there’s a customer.

Brian breaks customers into having three motivators or lenses: self-image, entertain, and pamper. Identifying which lens fits your customer helps you to tailor the sale (or customer service) to them. Brian steps through the process and uses fictitious salespeople and business owners as examples of how to apply those lenses to your business. To be fair, he does reference many real company slogans and identifies which lens they’re applying through their taglines. At the end of each chapter (divided as lessons or steps in the process), there are worksheet exercises to help you apply it yourself. The latter part of the book acknowledges you need to train people to use these lenses and gives lessons on how to do that. Excellent for a complete guide to sales.

Who Should Read Meconomics 101?

Salespeople and small business owners. Many larger businesses already had the luxury of personalizing the sales experience, but it means different skills and mindset, so it’s still developing for many small businesses. I suspect this is what Brian was thinking with choosing small, or local branch businesses for his examples.

Despite not being what I was expecting/hoping, Meconomics 101 is a very practical and useful book. Probably more so than I was expecting. It gets a thumbs up from me.

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