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Persuasive Copywriting – Book  ReviewPersuasive Copywriting by Andy Maslen
Published by Kogan Page on March 28th 2016
Pages: 256
Source: NetGalley
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I’m a little scared to write this review. Persuasive Copywriting by Andy Maslen is one of the most useful copywriting books I have read. But will my writing make the grade?

Applying what I learned reading Persuasive Copywriting, all I need to do is present you, the reader, with the information to decide if this book is something that can solve a problem for you. So, let’s get to it.

Without getting flowery, you’ve clicked this link, so you’re wanting to make your writing more effective. This book will help you do it.

What I learned most from this book was how copywriting is more than the words. OK, so I already knew that, but it’s what impressed me most. It’s a full copywriting curriculum, with exercises, downloads and feedback: a great refresher of your college days. Actually, it’s more than what I learned in college and grad school.

Persuasive Copywriting teaches the psychology of copywriting. There is a practical lesson on using a mix of ethos, pathos and logo in your writing. Yep, Aristotle in a copywriting book. Andy also makes the neuroscience behind the ideas easy to understand, and applicable. Oh, and scientifically accurate, which is better than the neuroscience and marketing book that I chose not to review. The end of each chapter has questions and exercises to test your knowledge. Also an invitation to tweet your progress to Andy. Promotion and feedback in one – I love it.

The second part of the book goes into the more traditional copywriting tools of grammar, tone and pitch, and word lists. At first this seemed a little weird. Shouldn’t grammar be a top priority? But, it’s correct. Connecting with the reader is more important than choosing between a semi-colon and a comma. Our aim is generally for them to pull out their wallet.

Who is Persuasive Copywriting for?

Everyone who writes with a purpose. If you learned traditional copywriting and now need to add spice to your writing, then buy this. If you’re self-taught, then definitely buy this. Oh, and read it too. And do the exercises. Even though I’ve been writing for many years, it’s a good reminder for me and helps my arguments when coaching or chatting with clients.

I’m working with a few non-profits, and I know their complaints would be that Persuasive Copywriting is too much about selling and, therefore, has no relevance to them. My response is a little creative and change “sell” to book, change, entice, or whatever fits your organization mission. The concepts are the same, nonprofits just don’t always take credit card payments, but they are selling. Everyone can learn something from this book.

I could continue, but I think it’s better you read the book. After all, my goal was just to give you the information to help you make a decision whether to buy or not.

Persuasive Copywriting will be released on March 28. My copy was a gift of the publisher via NetGalley.

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