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The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet – Book ReviewThe 4 Billion Dollar Tweet: A Guide for Getting Leaders Off the Social Sidelines by Ryan Holmes
Published by Maple Syrup Mafia Publishing on May 15th 2017
Pages: 123
Source: Hootsuite
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What do you do when your CEO thinks he doesn’t need social media? You hand them a copy of Ryan Holme’s new book, The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet. I recommend leaving it open on page nine.

If you didn’t recognize the name, Ryan Holmes is the founder and CEO of Hootsuite. Yes, that social media management platform for whom I’m an ambassador (thanks for the copy of the book, Ryan). Ryan wrote this book for CEOs who don’t see the need to be active on social media. I’ve worked with a few of these CEOs and it’s hard to convince them to change anything. It’s easy to see how a company like McDonald’s can benefit from social media. Even the CEO of a company like T-Mobile. But a multi-billion dollar company like Lockheed Martin? They sell fighter jets to countries. Why would they need to be active on social media?

Lockheed Martin was indeed the company Ryan made an example of on page nine. He reproduced the now US President’s tweet about Lockheed Martin. The company didn’t reply or acknowledge the Tweet and the share price dropped so dramatically the company lost $4 billion IN ONE DAY! Thus the name of the book. He contrasts it with Boeing who received the same “Presidential” treatment. Their CEO responded immediately via Twitter and their stock finished higher that day. Which company would you support?

Ryan points out that with the prolific Tweeting from President Trump it’s more a when not if, your company will be targeted. I have to agree, the President is rather scatter gun with his attentions.

The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet isn’t all scare mongering. It’s a very design-focussed 123 pages of the current tools of communication. I refuse to call them new because they aren’t. This book is written to entice the laggards along. It’s very practical with advice for the 6 Pillars of Social Leadership, and the benefits of active social media use to your company and your personal brand. I personally love the slight dig about leaving social media to the interns. No, NEVER do it. I beg you. It’s strategy and the face of your company at stake.

Who Should Read The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet?

I have a mental list of CEOs and executives whom I’d love to make read this book. Unfortunately, I don’t think some are ready for it. Their companies aren’t big enough to be a Trump target, but we never know what can trigger something. So for those who just need that little nudge, please leave a copy on their desk.

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