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Top of Mind – Book ReviewTop of Mind: Use Content to Unleash Your Influence and Engage Those Who Matter to You by John Hall
Published by McGraw-Hill Education on April 28th 2017
Pages: 208
Source: NetGalley
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As marketers, we’re all trying to be top of mind for our audiences. Whether it’s families wanting a hotel, a potential client, or a conference organizer needing a keynote speaker. We want to be thought of before others.

In his new book, John Hall explains why we want to be top of mind and how to get there. Oh, and his book is called Top of Mind.

One this I particularly love about John’s advice is that he doesn’t pretend it’s effortless. The steps he describes are easy but they require work. It’s work to send non-sales emails to a prospect, or a gift to their spouse. It takes time to create quality content that helps your customers when there’s no promise of a sale. These are all things John has done to be top of mind. However, I recommend you read the book before stalking your prospects and sending their spouses birthday gifts. You could be on their mind for the wrong reasons.

John daringly tackles two audiences in the book and pulls it off. Not easy in only 208 pages. I’ve already inferred it but his instruction is for your business and for your personal brand. I apologize if I misrecall this but the focus is very relationship sales. While you can apply some tactics en masse, you’ll need to be creative.

What could be a weakness is John’s vast use of personal anecdotes. His teen salesperson experiences and the time being snubbed at a conference because his online personal brand was nonexistent. You need to read that second story. He gets around the anecdotes by referencing others’ books and resources – a lot. Each chapter has a resources section and he often links to his own site of resources for readers.

There’s a large section on content marketing. I’ve seen a stat saying 70% of purchases are decided before speaking with a salesperson. Following the tips will mean you’re top of mind for this 70%.

Who Should Read Top of Mind?

The first group I thought of is salespeople. Especially those more transactional with relationship selling methods.

Second, marketers need to read Top of Mind for the personal branding tips. Going back to John’s experience at the conference, we need to ensure we’re taking the advice we give our clients.

Go read it!

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    1. You’re welcome, John. It’s a great book. I’ve found myself using a few of your tactics since reading it.

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