Why I’m not blogging as much in 2018
On Sunday I was being “Harsh Bianca” with a client. We were reviewing content schedules for their Year of Content. With each idea, I demanded three things: why were they doing it, what goal would it assist, and how does it relate to their customers. Essential things and not unusual for content marketers. By the […]
Perception Becomes Reputation
Recently I sneaky-watched what I assume was a first date in a cafe. It was a man and a woman; both looked old enough to have adult children. And it wasn’t going well. Without going into detail, he left her to bus the table and insisted her goodbye handshake become an awkward hug. I watched […]
Passing Hubspot’s Content Marketing Certificate
Yep, the nerd is back. The nerd who thinks she may as well get a certificate for something if she’s learning it. A few weeks ago I completed Hubspot’s Content Marketing certificate. I’ve been working more on general content marketing rather than social media lately, and I wanted to ensure I was up-to-date with processes […]
How to Stay Healthy When the Workload Doesn’t Stop
Life as a freelancer is feast or famine. A big contract is easier to manage, but the smaller ones pay the bills while hustling for the next big one. It’s a fine line to balance, but how can you stay healthy when the workload doesn’t stop? This happened during my March. I took a big […]
Passing the Hootsuite Platform Certification
On the weekend (Saturday night to be exact) I confirmed my nerdiness and passed the Hootsuite Platform Certification. You may have noticed that Hootsuite has been revamping their education offering. About a year ago they announced a plan to educate 1 million people by 2017. I’m not sure how that’s going but it’s an audacious […]
Forget Passion. Follow Your Curiosity.
How many times have you been told to follow your passion? For a college major, job, everything. Follow your passion and life’s set. But what if you can’t find your passion? A couple of friends, who don’t know each other, are contemplating what to do next in their careers. They are both college-educated and in […]