Get a Job
It’s a common lament with so many new grads around. How can I get experience if you won’t give me a job?

You don’t need a job to get experience.

I’m moving house and re-found this t-shirt. The team behind this event had minimal experience and most were at university studying things other than event planning. The event was one of the things that prompted me to study PR at grad school.

None of the team were paid. They did it for experience and fun.

They, myself included, have been rewarded a hundred times over. Ally Hallam was told her volunteer work was a large factor in gaining a retail job through university. Courtney Bezzina put it in her resume when applying for her first primary teaching role. It helped Rhianna Bezzina get into a film production course. I could go on. Volunteering helped several team members get a job.

So for all the new graduates, I congratulate you and ask how are you going to put experience on your résumé?

Apologies for the crazy formatting. I still don’t have wifi in my new apartment so this is via my phone.

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