Yep, the nerd is back. The nerd who thinks she may as well get a certificate for something if she’s learning it. A few weeks ago I completed Hubspot’s Content Marketing certificate.

I’ve been working more on general content marketing rather than social media lately, and I wanted to ensure I was up-to-date with processes and things that could make my content better. Thus a weekend studying.

What Is Hubspot’s Content Marketing Certificate?

Let’s start with Hubspot. It’s rare if a digital marketer hasn’t heard of Hubspot. They create CRM, marketing and sales platforms that help convert visitors to customers. And we all want more customers. As with most software companies, they have a series of dual-purpose qualifications: teaching people how to use their platforms AND creating content to draw people in.

The Content Marketing Certificate is in the second section. It’s not Hubspot platform specific. There are many examples from the Hubspot team, but the tactics could be implemented on any platform. It’s nearly four hours of videos (in 10 classes). Topics include personas, storytelling, planning and buyer funnel. There are a few presenters and lots of case studies.

At the end, there’s an optional exam. Don’t worry, it’s free. Remember, this is all promo for Hubspot so it would be wrong to charge for it. The exam is 60 multiple choice or true and false questions. None are difficult if you’ve watched the videos. They recommend trying the test before watching the videos to know what to watch for. I didn’t and I’m not sure it would have changed anything. There are a few proprietary models that I didn’t know. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam and you need 75% for a pass.

There’s a printable worksheet to follow along but it didn’t seem very useful. It’s a series of questions that kind of related to the videos. I skipped it.

What I Learned

Despite many years in content marketing, I learned a lot and had reminders of other tactics and strategies. I loved the verbiage to “make your audience the hero”. The buyer funnel was very useful because it was a little different than I learned in university. I also have a note to look into the compass template further.

My biggest learning was in the final class on sales processes. I’m more community than sales, so it was mostly new to me. It has some great tips and I think I want to watch those videos again. It was also where I scored worst on the test. Eek. Luckily it’s an overall pass.

I think so for the knowledge. The video classes did put the information in an easy-to-follow structure that researching myself wouldn’t do. It’s more knowledge for my brain, a certificate on my resume, and practical use of a weekend. Will it impress clients and employers? I’m not sure, but hopefully I can impress them by using the knowledge gained.

I recommend it.

If you’re curious, the other certificates I have completed are Hootsuite’s Social Media Marketing certificate and the platform certificate. Along with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Sorry, I didn’t write about all of them.

What marketing certificates have you completed? Which do you recommend?

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