hootsuite-platform-certificationOn the weekend (Saturday night to be exact) I confirmed my nerdiness and passed the Hootsuite Platform Certification.

You may have noticed that Hootsuite has been revamping their education offering. About a year ago they announced a plan to educate 1 million people by 2017. I’m not sure how that’s going but it’s an audacious goal. They launched Hootsuite Podium, which added the Social Media Marketing Certification to Hootsuite University.

Recently, Hootsuite Podium changed its name to Hootsuite Academy. A Hootsuite Platform Certification was introduced to replace Hootsuite University. It was very needed. Last year the platform was re-vamped and new best practices have developed, making Hootsuite University a little outdated.

All the training videos for both certificates are free to all – to meet the goal of educating 1 million people.

Hootsuite Platform Certification

The exam covers all aspects of the Hootsuite Platform. If you’re a Pro or free user you can pass the exam, but I recommend you watch the videos anyway. There are a couple of questions on Boards (a paid analytics add-on) and Campaigns. I’ve spent some time looking into Campaigns but haven’t executed one, and I’ve never seen Boards. It’s the pain of still building the case for social media in a not-for-profit. I’m taking it slow with basic analytics before asking for budget.

But back to the exam. It’s not difficult, but you can’t fudge it. There are some specific questions asking about different tabs and streams, etc. I jumped over to the platform to check an answer then felt silly – it was a basic one.

hootsuite-platform-certificateThe exam essentials are:

Number of Questions: 50
Time Allowed: One hour
Pass Score: 70%

Once you successfully complete the exam, you’re added to the Certified Professionals Directory, as an added perk. It’s a little more than the old Hootsuite University directory and you can flag if you’re looking for work or not.

I finished it in just over 20 minutes with 84% correct. I admit I’m a heavy Hootsuite user (both work and personal) but I didn’t revise the videos recently. You can do this.

Is it worth sitting the Hootsuite Platform Certification?

I don’t know. When I posted my certificate on Instagram several people offered that it was. Having Hootsuite University on my resume did get at least two contracts, so I assume this will be the same. Actually, I’ve been approached from being in the Certified Professionals Directory (I joined when I passed the Social Media Management Certification), so it works.

Special thanks to Hootsuite for gifting me a coupon for the Hootsuite Platform Certification exam. They worded it as a thank you for being an active ambassador. I chose to write this post.

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