Public-relations-in-a-listI’m sure every PR or comms person is teased for their quirks. I know I am. From this though, I now know I’m not alone. I felt like someone was making a site of my life when I read this list of signs of a PR student.

Read, giggle and share.

UPDATE: Unfortunately that blog and a list of signs you know you’re a PR student has been deleted. Fortunately, the team at PR Daily have made a list of the 53 signs you work in public relations. I have a couple of favorites:

6. It’s detrimental to your health and workday when you forget your headphones.

16. “Relax” time is in the shower when you always seem to come up with the best PR pitches.

Out of the 53 items, number 27 is one I can definitely relate to – “Every Friday around 5:00 p.m. you think, “This could be crisis time!” (And sometimes even look forward to a good one.)” Except for the client I’m thinking of, it was 4pm – each week.

Which is your favorite sign you’re a PR professional? Please share in the comments.

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