Spring-CleaningHave you ever felt that you’re doing everything right but still not getting anywhere?

Lately I have been in that situation. It was totally self-inflicted and affecting my productivity on everything. First I tried quitting coffee, but that didn’t work. So yesterday I took the extreme step of deferring my masters degree.

You may say I’m silly, but it was the right thing to do. This blog was being neglected, my thesis was suffering, I wasn’t doing as much for IABC/Seattle as was needed. Most of all, I wasn’t learning anything new.

I don’t see this as a failure; more of a spring cleaning of the mind. Clearing out the clutter that was holding me back, to build and grow. I vow to post weekly, sometimes twice, with book reviews and interesting tit bits from the world of marketing and communications.

For those who are curious, the coffee is staying away.

I dare you to try it. After all, April is Spring cleaning time.

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