On Sunday I was being “Harsh Bianca” with a client. We were reviewing content schedules for their Year of Content. With each idea, I demanded three things: why were they doing it, what goal would it assist, and how does it relate to their customers. Essential things and not unusual for content marketers. By the end, we had a strong series of content ideas, with a lot of gaps to fill to ensure consistency.

After the call, I looked at my weekly tasks and sighed. Like the story of the painter with curling paint on their home, I was the marketer not living their own advice.

The top task was a blog post on this site. A task that I’ve been guiltily postponing since last hitting publish in November 2017. Not good enough. I’ve had a lot of good ideas, but nothing really great. I’m reading and sharing a lot of great content, so it definitely exists. I’ve also been writing a lot for clients, and for my bookish blog. Just not here.

So, I’m giving up.

I’m removing the task reminder, and only publishing when I have something worth sharing. We’ll still accept (and be picky) guest posts, and I’ll still be on social media. I’m just focusing on what I’m doing best currently: client copywriting and strategy, and my book blog. Update: I’m also developing a couple of resources for this site, but nothing shareworthy yet.

Favorite Marketing Resources

Here are a couple of my favorite marketing and blogging content resources. These are the ones who are writing this content well.

Conex podcast

This is the content experience podcast and has entertaining stories with content pros (the former name of the podcast). This podcast pushed me off the cliff tonight to make this decision.

Hootsuite Blog

Content, social media, paid social, it’s all on the Hootsuite blog. I have it on RSS feed to ensure I don’t miss anything. They have a recent series of video resource posts that are very useful.

Simple Pin Podcast

I recently jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon as a marketer. Yes, it’s taken this long to work on a suitable brand that matches and gets results. I love Pinterest now, and this podcast gives tips and tricks to get the most out of it. It’s aimed at bloggers, and sometimes the ideas are a little spammy (listicles galore), but overall it’s very useful.

Kristie was first my go-to for Pinterest (she’s a frequent guest on the Simple Pin podcast), but it’s my go-to for all things WordPress and blogging.

I hope you enjoy the resources. Don’t forget to consider submitting a guest post.


Feaured Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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