Passing Hubspot’s Content Marketing Certificate
Yep, the nerd is back. The nerd who thinks she may as well get a certificate for something if she’s learning it. A few weeks ago I completed Hubspot’s Content Marketing certificate. I’ve been working more on general content marketing rather than social media lately, and I wanted to ensure I was up-to-date with processes […]
How to Keep Busy (for Cheap) Between Marketing Jobs
It happens to everyone. A contract finishes before you have another lined up. Or the company lets people go, and you lose your marketing job. Being between gigs in Seattle isn’t unusual. We have lots of tech companies and start-ups with agile business plans. Transitions are a fact of life and creates heavy competition for […]
What is a millennial?
We’ve been using the term millennial to describe young adults for nearly ten years now, but can you define a millennial? This is the challenge we looked at on Saturday at the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia’s Stewardship Conference. I was asked to speak on communicating your mission to a younger audience. Of course, I took […]
How Can I Get A Job With No Marketing Experience
It’s a common lament with so many new grads around. How can I get experience if you won’t give me a job? You don’t need a job to get experience. I’m moving house and re-found this t-shirt. The team behind this event had minimal experience and most were at university studying things other than event […]
Is Maslow’s Hierarchy still relevant for internal communications?
It’s often said that the staple of behavioral psychology, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is irrelevant. In some ways I agree, however it’s a useful model for internal communications. For those who don’t know the theory, Maslow claimed that people move through stages and can’t progress to a higher level before the needs of the lower […]