Why I’m not blogging as much in 2018
On Sunday I was being “Harsh Bianca” with a client. We were reviewing content schedules for their Year of Content. With each idea, I demanded three things: why were they doing it, what goal would it assist, and how does it relate to their customers. Essential things and not unusual for content marketers. By the […]
Perception Becomes Reputation
This post contains affiliate links you can use to purchase products. If you buy using that link, I will receive a small commission from the sale. It will never cost you any more.Recently I sneaky-watched what I assume was a first date in a cafe. It was a man and a woman; both looked old […]
Passing Hubspot’s Content Marketing Certificate
Yep, the nerd is back. The nerd who thinks she may as well get a certificate for something if she’s learning it. A few weeks ago I completed Hubspot’s Content Marketing certificate. I’ve been working more on general content marketing rather than social media lately, and I wanted to ensure I was up-to-date with processes […]
How to Stay Healthy When the Workload Doesn’t Stop
Life as a freelancer is feast or famine. A big contract is easier to manage, but the smaller ones pay the bills while hustling for the next big one. It’s a fine line to balance, but how can you stay healthy when the workload doesn’t stop? This happened during my March. I took a big […]
Passing the Hootsuite Platform Certification
On the weekend (Saturday night to be exact) I confirmed my nerdiness and passed the Hootsuite Platform Certification. You may have noticed that Hootsuite has been revamping their education offering. About a year ago they announced a plan to educate 1 million people by 2017. I’m not sure how that’s going but it’s an audacious […]
Forget Passion. Follow Your Curiosity.
How many times have you been told to follow your passion? For a college major, job, everything. Follow your passion and life’s set. But what if you can’t find your passion? A couple of friends, who don’t know each other, are contemplating what to do next in their careers. They are both college-educated and in […]