How to Keep Busy (for Cheap) Between Marketing Jobs
It happens to everyone. A contract finishes before you have another lined up. Or the company lets people go, and you lose your marketing job. Being between gigs in Seattle isn’t unusual. We have lots of tech companies and start-ups with agile business plans. Transitions are a fact of life and creates heavy competition for […]
What I Learned in 2015: A Career Reflection
This is the time when all the marketing blogs are are filled with Top 10 lists: the top 10 most successful campaigns, the top 10 most popular posts/stories/apps etc. As the aim of Tap Dancing Spiders is to coach, inform and educate, I want to share what I learned in 2015. Both the positive and […]
Hootsuite’s Social Media Marketing Certification – an addition to Hootsuite University
Hootsuite has added a new certification to their education program: the Social Media Marketing Certification. This adds to Hootsuite University and the Social Media Strategy Certificate as their education options. It’s part of their new plan to train 1 million people in social media by 2017, because as they say “jobs that require social media […]
What is a millennial?
We’ve been using the term millennial to describe young adults for nearly ten years now, but can you define a millennial? This is the challenge we looked at on Saturday at the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia’s Stewardship Conference. I was asked to speak on communicating your mission to a younger audience. Of course, I took […]
Six Public Speaking Tips I Learned at Speaker Camp
I’m sure it’s of no surprise that up to a third of the population have public speaking anxiety. This shy introvert (I know, a double whammy) made a 2015 resolution to overcome her fears. I know all the theory, but needed some critical feedback on how I can do better. So on Saturday I pretended […]
Who Controls Our Motivation?
“Along the way, we’ve come to believe that external motivation is the key to our success. That we need to be part of a degree program or a sales contest or have a boss looking over our shoulder to do our best work, to push us. Of course, we were taught this by the marketers, […]