Learn social media from the best, for free, in your PJs
Working part-time for a nonprofit while studying this year means I’ve had no budget to learn social media, so I’m rather excited by Tuesday’s Connect via Hootsuite virtual conference. It’s totally free. And being virtual means no travel or accommodation costs. No pulling out your suit to impress, pants are optional. We know also that […]
Are you ready for #HootUpSEA?
What do HUG, MUG and #HootUpSEA have in common? They’re all user groups. What’s this? You haven’t heard of #HootUpSEA? That’s because it’s new. The Seattle HootSuite users and friends are having their first user event, or as well call it, #HootUp. It’s also my first public activity as a HootSuite Ambassador for North America. […]
My Newest Project: Jingle to 5k
I’ve been quiet here recently and for good reason. Previously you’ve heard about my entry in the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for this year and to run the 5k (link to that post is here). I’m now blogging my progress on the new site Jingle to 5k. A friend from Melbourne Natalie Roche is coaching me […]
Help me choose the perfect home office
July 14 will be monumental for me because I move into my new apartment. It has a room for my home office! Yes, I’m excited. The office is barely bigger than a closet, but it’s mine. The last few months have been trying with no space, spotty wifi connections and a room mate working night […]
It’s time to brag – my folio is updated
OK, this is now a second post about me. I promise it’ll be the last for a long while. With all this moving on stuff and the short lifespan of social media content, it was time to add more entries to my folio. My work with Expedia’s Social and PR team has now been saved. […]
Freelancer is back – my next career move
After a particularly trying day several months ago, a dear friend challenged me to follow my career dreams. She meant to monetize my side projects and stay part of the Expedia team. But I don’t do things by halves. So on Friday I’ll be handing in my IATA card and leaving the world of full-time […]