Completing the Customer Experience with Branded Packaging
This week I called out for a brand audit referral for a client in Melbourne, Australia. A well-meaning friend suggested I use a Seattle Digital Marketers Facebook group to find someone. Working in digital makes it really easy to forget that customer experience occurs offline too. We promote our products online, we transact online. But […]
Beware the Dead-End Dashboard
This post contains affiliate links you can use to purchase products. If you buy using that link, I will receive a small commission from the sale. It will never cost you any more.You’ve considered the purpose of your dashboard. You’ve worked with colleagues to ensure the questions being answered are the correct ones. You’ve considered […]
Super Bowl Ads 2017 – Who Was Great?
Note: Thanks to all who’ve been checking in for the Super Bowl ads. The list of great ads is now complete.  Maybe it’s because I’m more marketer than advertiser. Maybe it’s because in Australia we only saw the best of the best Super Bowl ads. Either way, I seem to have higher expectations of Super Bowl […]
Podcasts to Make You a Better Marketer
We never seem to have enough time for our own training and development. These are my favorites and I hope you enjoy these podcasts to make you a better marketer.
SEO for Lazy Marketers
Recently I was chatting with a friend about rebuilding a mutual client’s website. She asked me to remind the client to stop putting all her copy in images because it’s not good SEO practice. It’s always been a balance between empowering independent clients, and getting it right. I was aware of the issue but had […]
The internet loses its capital letter, and other AP StyleBook changes
In April, the American Copy Editors Society announced the 2016 updates to their AP StyleBook. All up there are 250 changes, and some are more significant than others. For those outside the United States, the AP StyleBook is THE go-to for writers, marketers and journalists. It stops us using Oxford commas and standardizes terminology for […]