How to get more social shares with Social Warfare
This week I read an article by Buzzsumo about the different headlines formats best for each social network. It does make sense and not just for the character counts. Facebook isn’t Twitter, and Pinterest is… well… Pinterest. It’s a bit of work to create the different headlines for social shares and I admit I often […]
Remembering September 11 on Social Media – Tastefully
Earlier this week a friend texted asking advice on her company’s September 11 posts. The atrocities that occurred 15 years ago today have definitely changed the world, and more so within the United States. A colleague said it’s our generation’s Pearl Harbor or the moon landing. I had no plans of living in the US […]
Why an Instagram Algorithm-Based Feed Isn’t Bad
Recently, Instagram confirmed the rumors: they are changing to an algorithm-based feed. Just like Facebook, their parent company, has already done. What’s an Algorithm-Based Feed? It’s a secret, magic formula devised by the individual social media platform, that shows you the posts it decides you’re most interested in. It incorporates a few factors (no factors […]
Tourism Social Media at #HootUpYVR
Like many of the Hootsuite Ambassadors, I’ve always had HootUp envy. Sure, we’re invited to run our own HootUps (community-lead Hootsuite events), but it’s not the same as the ones at Hootsuite HQ in Vancouver. Last night that changed. Public holidays aligned with events and I joined the full house to discover how three top […]
Are your social media profiles up-to-date?
Autumn is a great time to update your social media profiles. It’s kind of like Spring Cleaning but in Autumn. I know you put a lot of thought in when you first set up your social media profiles, I know I did. But when was the last time you checked it over? Does it reflect […]
Burgers and Business with Facebook Advertising
Facebook emailed an invite to join them for burgers last week and well when Facebook email, you show up. The Burgers and Business event is part of Facebook Advertising’s focus on small businesses. It’s a natural connection because helping small businesses do well will mean they’ll spend more on social media advertising. Win-win. That said, […]