How to manage a crisis via social media when it’s not your crisis
Yesterday morning was the fourth time I’ve had to go to a client or executive and suggest we publicly respond to a crisis. Three shootings and a terrorist bombing. This wasn’t part of the curriculum in my Australian public relations degree. I’d like to say it shouldn’t be on the curriculum for an American PR […]
Tips for Building a Social Media Community
Think about your favorite communities. Is it your work community? School? Neighborhood? Fandom? What is it that these have in common? Apart from you, I mean. It’s a passionate commitment to a cause. Now imagine having that for your brand. The community members are your customers, sales team and customer service agents all in one, […]
What is Google Plus Collections?
Earlier today Google released their newest Google Plus feature – Collections. When many journalists have been declaring the social media site’s death for months (usage stats prove the claim wrong), this is an audacious move. Many will claim is both the shot needed and a nail in the coffin. So what is Google Plus Collections? […]
What’s your Facebook page audit score?
Congratulations. You have a new job or client and need to make their (now your) Facebook page sing with engagement. Oh, and you need to start quickly. The first step is a quick Facebook page audit. I haven’t found a perfect, free, tool for this, but Meltwater’s LikeAlyzer comes close, and it gives a numeric […]
Twitter Audits: Do You Make the Grade?
Have you ever wondered if you can do better with your Twitter account? OK, that’s a silly question. When I get a new client, the first thing I do is a Twitter audit. I want to know what’s been done previously. Has it been done well? What should be killed? What’s amazing and needs to […]
How To: My Content Curation Process – 2015 Edition
It’s nearly a year since the last post on my content curation process. New tools have appeared, and processes are streamlined. It’s still a little scrappy. What’s Changed in My Content Curation Process? One big change is which accounts I manage on which platforms. Of course, I still have my personal/Tap Dancing Spiders Twitter account, […]