WordPress Resources for New Marketers
You have the blog (or have been allocated it), but what’s next? I was recently asked to write some tips for a client’s content writer. Just the basics like setting for SEO and learning to text wrap images. While I think of these as basics, they’re new for some. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of amazing […]
Review: WordPress Versus Squarespace
This weekend I built a Squarespace site. Yes, you read that correct. The woman who has been a WordPress devotee for eight years set up a site on a different CMS – one that she paid for. To be fair, I’ve never been blindly loyal to WordPress. I just haven’t found anything that comes close. […]
Why your WordPress site needs an SSL certificate
This morning Blue Host emailed offering me a free SSL certificate for one of my WordPress sites hosted with them. I’ve been meaning to add one to TapDancingSpiders.com but wasn’t in a rush. We don’t collect personal or financial information (comments are linked to Gravatar) and those certificates can be expensive. Sure we have affiliate […]
Tips for Great Smartphone Photography
We all know the benefits of great photography. According to a recent HubSpot study, tweets with images get 18% more click-though, and blog posts are shared twice as often. I know that I won’t add ugly content to Facebook, no matter how on-brand it is for that client or employer. However, it’s not easy to […]
19 Tools for iPhone Video Projects
Are you using video for your brand? We’ve all seen the stats on the benefits of video. It’s engaging and personal. It’s also expensive and difficult. Well, it used to be. The advent of smart phones and internet speeds has brought the tools to make videos to us all. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any […]
6 Must-Have WordPress Plug-Ins
You’ve chosen the topic, installed WordPress, and are kind of thinking of the theme. But which plug-ins should you install? There are so many, and most do secret little behind-the-scenes things. Do you really need them? Maybe it’s from being “conditioned” by the speakers at WordCamp, but I tend to go light on plug-ins. I […]