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How do you learn about content marketing? I agree: It’s hard to fit learning in with work, and life, and everything going on. And content marketing is so vast and dynamic. It’s hard. For me, I listen to podcasts for content marketing. I can slip on my headphones and head for a walk while listening to the latest industry updates. In Seattle, I was one of the few who (generally) didn’t mind the traffic—it was more podcast time.

Previously, I’ve shared my favorite marketing podcasts and I still listen to most of those. Since then I’ve added some more podcasts for content marketing to my playlist. I hope you find these as useful as I do. Oh, and I rarely listen to any podcast longer than 30 minutes. That’s just an FYI and not indicative of longer podcasts. It’s just the length that’s convenient for me. If you have a favorite podcast for content marketing that is longer, please let me know in the comments.

Podcasts for Content Marketing Knowledge

The Content Byte

This is one of two Australian podcasts on the list, but it’s also not that Australian. Or I should say, content marketing isn’t country dependent. Hosts, Lynne and Rachel are also freelancers, so the topics mix between content marketing tactics and client management. If you’re in-house, we can use the client management tips for stakeholders and managers within your company.

Bonus: Rachel sells some VERY useful freelancer templates and resources on her website. I highly recommend them.

Subscribe to the Content Byte podcast.


Naturally, the Copyblogger network has a podcast. The podcast has taken a few forms over the years, so technically you can say they’ve had several podcasts. I find the current format particularly useful. The first part is a content marketing news roundup, with the typical things: what Google’s done to the algorithm, new content platforms, etc. Then the hosts, Darrell and Tim answer listener questions.

I love the Copyblogger podcast because it’s current and helpful. And helps my understand which news items are most relevant.

Check out Copyblogger.

The Recipe for SEO Success

This is the second Australian one, but the international guests means it isn’t specifically Australian. Kate Toon interviews a mix of people: geographically, experience-level and industry. I just listened to an interview with podiatrist, who used SEO to grow her practice. It’s this mix that makes The Recipe for SEO Success so useful with stories and recommendations anyone can implement.

Listen to The Recipe for SEO Success

Grammar Girl

Yep, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips is still on my must-listen list. Mignon Fogarty answers listener questions about grammar and punctuation rules and localizes it for different English forms. It’s aimed at all writers, so expect some novel and book writing in there too.

Learn from the Grammar Girl podcast.

Simple Pin Podcast

This podcast taught me how to get magical website traffic from Pinterest. Host, Kate Ahl owns a Pinterest agency in Portland, OR and really knows her stuff. Each episode is how to’s either directly from Kate or a guest she’s invited on the podcast. Kate shares the inside scoop from Pinterest on the latest platform changes to the current best sharing strategies. In saying she knows her stuff, Kate understands her audience too. It’s more on the blogger/small business owner side of content. That’s great because it’s the group getting excellent results from Pinterest, but it also means there are a few, dare I use the old term, mommy blogger type mentions.

Discover Pinterest traffic from the Simple Pin podcast.

Podcasts for Storytelling

Here are some bonus podcasts for content marketing. I’ve included them for their excellent storytelling, even though they aren’t specifically about content marketing or writing.

Proofread with Pro Writing Aid (affiliate ad)

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