We go through countless stock photos, and that gets expensive. Here are some sites offering free, commercial-use photos. While they don’t all ask for attribution, it’s nice to do so.

Remember, Google Image and Flickr creative commons searches aren’t guaranteed to be free to use. And NEVER just take any random image from the internet. The fines are too high.


Kaboompics is Karolina, a photographer who generously shares her amazing work. She’s rather generous with her allowed uses. The only rule is that you can’t sell or put them on your own stock sites.


Unsplash has beautiful photography. Sometimes too beautiful. While they aren’t the stereotypical stock images, they are higher quality than most of us can produce and that can make them stand out. They use many photographers, so a mix of styles and collections.


stockvault is a community with more than 20,000 free images. As it is community-sourced, not all the photos are wow-quality, which may work for you. There are a few categories, so if you’re using it for commercial use, please check.


picjumbo is another sole photographer offering their work for free (well, a hopeful attribution). The more recent ones tend to have a filter, giving them a distinct look and may not be that useful. Some are also rather stock-ish.


NegativeSpace is another community-driven site, but carefully curated. There’s a mix of people, places and products.