Content Creation and Curation

Bill Gate’s pronouncement that “content is king” has been questioned, but without a doubt, content is a highly sought-after commodity. After all, you’ve made the sale, but what’s going to keep you top-of-mind (or on your site) until the next purchase? Providing quality, relevant content educates and empowers your audience, building their trust in you, making them more likely to purchase from you again.

This can be done by creating new content or curating/sharing the freely available content online.

Bianca writes and finds relevant content to share with your audience. Keep your blog page filled, your social media platforms plentiful and email newsletters informative. Is your product technical? Bianca breaks it down to understandable chunks, increasing comprehension and retention.

Get started with content creation and curation today. Call Bianca on 415-279-2727 or add your details below.

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