Copy Writing and Editing

Your success depends on the story that you tell. Definitely a phrase easier said than done.

Often your product story is exciting, but doesn’t appear compelling. It may not be lack of talent of your behalf; sometimes you’re just too close to see it from a customer’s perspective.

Bianca has more than eight years marketing experience and degrees in marketing and public relations, giving her the skills to write you compelling copy that gets results. She has experience writing and editing training documents, website and social media content, and search engine marketing ads. It’s all optimized for SEO.

Or do you have existing copy that just needs polish or a grammar check? Bianca will edit it for flow, spelling and grammar to ensure it’s looking its best.

Don’t wait any longer. For copy writing and editing that gets results, call Bianca on 415-279-2727 or add your details below.

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