This is the traditional time for resolutions.

I decided I wouldn’t make any resolutions, but then I already have with all my projects. There’s been a lot going on and even more planned for 2010. In 48 hours I should know the final timing for the secret project I’ve been working on and while I can’t say anymore, it’s pretty exciting.

One project (it is kind of a resolution) I’ve launched for the year is Project365. You’ve all probably heard about it in either a photography or video form. I’ve committed to one photo per day for every day of 2010.

All the photos can be found here, with this one being from January 1 in Port Fairy.The other vow is to post more on here. I’m planning to cut back on a few other things to create more time. The next book review is nearly done, so stay tuned.

Has anyone else made any resolutions or vows for 2010? What are you all looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

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