About a month ago Ben and Chris joined to tell me off for not writing enough.

My first semester of post-grad uni finished 24-hours ago so I have some of the precious commodity called time.

How were the last three months? Were they what I expected?

First, they were amazing. And second, they were nothing what I expected.

Despite doing my degree while working long long hours I was totally unprepared for the workload this year. During the first spate of assignments I gave up on weekly readings, with keeping up with the news, nine assessments, full-time work, and some charity commitments, something had to give.

My standard week was paid work, uni work and a little bit of fun. Kiera has been amazing keeping me sane and I loved the catch ups with Courtney and randomness with Kathleen. Thanks girls.

But, yes, it was amazing.

I learnt there is so much more to public relations. As well as events, there is the writing, communication, strategy, design, image. I love it.

In the last few months I have met some amazingly talented people: lecturers and fellow students. People from all different backgrounds – many who normally I would never have the chance to spend time with.

Last night after our final class of the semester we were all in the pub discussing how bored the six week mid-year break will be after such a hectic time. We discussed plans to have semester two’s readings done before we start back. However, I know I won’t get that done. Last week I started a new job as the Senior Events Coordinator for Finsia, the financial industry membership organisation. The next few weeks will be a mix of breakfasts at the Australian Club, dinners at the RACV Club, processing memberships and encouraging member participation. While the financial industry is not one I would instantly choose to work in, it is one I think I can learn a lot from. An extra incentive is the chance to work with Haydn Park.

Haydn lead the nab’s communications through essentially the development of public relations in Australia. He has over 25 years communications experience and already helping me by sharing good communications plans and allowing me to offer ideas and act on those.

So, do I regret the hours stuck studying? Not a chance. Bring on the new events and bring on second semester! And, sorry boys. Your other complaint was that I don’t whine enough in my blogs. This is another happy entry.

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