What is Tap Dancing Spiders?

It’s a website, oh and a business. Both of which provide the essential resources for digital marketing. Most of these resources aren’t proprietary but Tap Dancing Spiders puts them all in one place; currently your inbox, and soon on here for free.

Can I add/update a holiday?

Please. Yes. New holidays and celebrations are added all the time and we LOVE hearing about them. to make it easier for all, here’s a form to add the details. And a very big thank you from us.

Why are the holidays so America-centric?

The holidays list started as Bianca’s personal list for her own social media work. Her clients are predominantly in the US. We’re adding more holidays daily. If you want a particular country’s holidays added, let us know.

Why are there ads in the emails?

Because servers and software and life costs money. We want to keep the emails always free, so they include ads and affiliate links from our trusted partners. If you like the products or services and purchase, then we get a small commission. If you don’t, meh. You still get an incredible useful email listing all the celebrations and holidays for the month.

Can I advertise in the email?

Possibly. We are a little picky with who our partners are–OK, very picky. Priority will always be given to organizations we know and love. Send us a message and we can talk more.

Will you sell my email address?

NEVER. We’re marketers first and respect you’ve shared your email address with us. We’re also fully GDPR compliant. For full disclosure, we may in the future send you the occasional email from a trusted partner, but we’ll be doing the sending. They’ll never see your email address.

How can I unsubscribe?

There’s an unsubscribe option at the bottom of each email. It’s an automated process and you should be instantly removed. We do schedule the monthly emails a few days in advance, so you may receive a final email from us.

Why is everything in first person plural when Tap Dancing Spiders is just Bianca?

We’re dreaming big. And it does take a village. Bianca has been leading a small business private facebook group and all the members are beta testing the subscription and adding their favorite holidays.

Can I send you a message?

Certainly. You can do it with the contact form.