Hootsuite-Mobile-UpdateI’m assuming you know that Hootsuite Mobile got a few new features last week. We in the Hootsuite Ambassador team definitely did. We’ve all been posting and scheduling our Instagram photos from Hootsuite since then. Even my breakfast photo from this morning was scheduled last night, on my laptop. If only my breakfast today was that delicious.

Personally, I’m a tad more excited by the other features in the iOS version than by the Instagram integration. Sure, that’s amazing but as we didn’t have scheduling previously, I just never added it to my workflow. The two features I love are the first useful notifications, and quote tweets.

Notifications in Hootsuite Mobile

Hootsuite-Mobile-AlertsIf you’re like me, you run a few accounts for different organizations in Hootsuite. In addition to your own. I’m also on my phone near constantly (or at least have it unlocked), so I miss the detail in most notifications. I see there is one, but I can’t see which account or what for. This is the only area where I prefer the Twitter native app, but that is changing.

Useful notifications are coming to Hootsuite Mobile. I’m assuming it’s prompted by the Instagram integration, but there’s now a little bell that gains a red circle alerting you to any new activity. It’s only active for Instagram scheduling alerts at the moment, but I recall seeing something about it being extended to include more alerts. Woohoo!

Hootsuite-Mobile-QuoteQuote Tweets

Quote Tweets were released by Twitter in April this year, and Hootsuite quickly added it to the desktop version, but until now we had to suffer on the mobile app. There were so many times I wanted to share something and add value with a comment, but couldn’t fit in the 140 character limit. Often I’ll be browsing tweets on the go, or stalking a Twitter chat via my phone. Without Quote Tweets, I just wouldn’t send it. Now I can.

Neither of these features were listed in the release notes for this version of the Hootsuite Mobile app, so I’m wondering if there are more. Have you found anything?

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