2007 was the peak of the Harry Potter fandom. The last book was released, a movie just weeks earlier, a couple of live MuggleCast shows in Australia, not to mention the HP Events Australia team running a few trivia nights for charity and a trip to the zoo.

The HP Events Australia team, as passionate book fans, has decided not to continue with the events. I, Bianca, have moved to the US after finishing a PR degree, and launched Tap Dancing Spiders as a marketing business in Seattle. Ben and Chris (the design team) are close to finishing their degrees and still doing amazing design work. We still work together on projects and if any more of the Harry Potter podcasters want shows managed in Australia we’ll pull the team together, but until then enjoy the movies and reminiscing.

Media Requests

If you are looking for events or a fan to interview, please email me at bianca@tapdancingspiders.com or Erica Crombie with ericacrombie@gmail.com. If Erica’s unavailable or you need someone from another state, we’ll point you the right direction.

Media Coverage

Interview in The Age 1 July 2007
Expert comment on 60 Minutes 1 July 2007

Harry Potter Events

MuggleCast Down Under October 2007: Sydney and Melbourne
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows launch with Dymocks Melbourne 21 July 2007
Harry Potter Takes Over the Zoo