Majose-MoralesrMajose Moralesr is a member of the Hootsuite Ambassador family, so really my partner in crime online. I love joining in Twitter chats with her. This woman is able to follow and contribute to the discussion, while also translating the tweets to share with her local followers in Paraguay. Yeah, I’m impressed too. She’s good. I was so happy that she agreed to be our second Interview with a Marketer.

What does your typical day include?

Upon waking, I greet my four furry daughters (session 20 minutes approx.), take a good cup of coffee prepared by my husband while reading emails and replying to the most important. Then begins the task of monitoring comments and opinions about brands or specific topics, respond each of them as necessary.

Then, monitor questions or problems on twitter, providing support if necessary and answer the questions in the Hootsuite forum.

After completing all the work, begins the task of reading news sites and blogs for relevant information that can provide significant value to ourselves and our followers.

Half day, family lunch, watch local and international news, and just for fun, we watch gossip programs (to clear our mind).

After the break the task continues, Pinterest joins the work, seek pins that are interesting to followers, devised new strategies, recycle and create new ideas.

After finishing the diagrammed daily work, begins the moment of procrastination: searching topics ranging from marketing, design, pets, gardening, and my favorite topic DIY.

Well, I think that’s the basics. I do many more things, but if I tell everything I do in a normal day, it would be that my life wouldn’t be so interesting.

How did you become a community manager?

By mistake, lol, as a long time internet surfer, it always interested me to understand human behavior in certain situations (forums and chats). I always liked to be able to empathize with others and put myself in their shoes, so, I said myself: why not try and working in this new environment, perhaps I like it?

And, well, here I am.

Tell us a little about social media and community management in Paraguay.

There is still much to do, but we going for the right way.

There are companies who notice the importance of social media presence and others who are not interested.
It must evolve in this field, social media is not just only get many Fans and Likes, it goes beyond that. It is learning to connect with the public consumer.
It’s a constant learning to grow as professionals.

If you could work for any brand, which one and why?

I would like to work in a brand which allows to me obtain the consumer feedback to engage them and connect in a positive way, making them feel part of the brand they chose.

A place where ideas can work freely, where exist a team that believes is more important grow and learn like a group rather than individually.

Working in a place that feels it as my home.

(if you know any let me know :D)

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? – tech, software, device, your call.

Honestly, I think couldn’t live without TV. I don’t use mobile devices (cell phones or smartphones, tablets). Sometimes to test if I am extremely addicted to internet, I disconnect from the virtual life for days or weeks. (and i don’t suffer the withdrawal symptoms)

When I go out, I feel free, disconnected out of the world enjoying the life.

What’s your favorite thing about being a community manager?

Empathize with people, be part of their day, create a connection, a relationship, to understand better what they find annoying, what makes them happy and being able to contribute new knowledge or fun into their lives.

If you couldn’t work with social media, what would you do?

Working in social media is like a hobby, I do it because I like it. I work in a television production house where we devise new ideas for TV programs, commercials, and documentaries. Besides that, I always have present my passion, which is to launch my own line of clothes.
Social media help us to better understand the tastes of people, I didn’t consider it a job, it is rather a means to an end.

What’s your one tip for aspiring community managers?

First and fundamental, empathize with the public consumer, understand that the customer is always right (even if they aren’t).

Without empathy we can’t reach a middle ground when a customer is upset for some reason. We must have the capacity to put ourselves in the place of another to be able to understand it better, in this way, we may be able to resolve possible cases of crisis that can be avoided.

Empathize, not only makes us good people, help us to be excellent professionals, and every day you learn something new and knowledge is wisdom.


Thanks again to Majose for being so generous to share her time and knowledge with us. I can’t wait to see the clothing range. If you want to connect with Majose and chat about her four furry daughters, TV production, or community management, find her on LinkedIn or her Twitter handle is @MajoseMoralesr

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