GoDaddy-Campaign-I-Hate-To-LoveI really don’t enjoy seeing brands that I detest doing great work. I just want to be justified in my hatred of them, but then they go and do something that I can’t help but admire: a great campaign.

Here are some of the marketing campaigns that I hate to love.


Coca-Cola – Together: Celebrating 100 Years of the Coke Bottle

This one was the tipping point for this post. Coca-Cola is bad for you. I know they say it’s OK in moderation, but really, it’s not good for you. But they do produce beautiful campaigns. It’s clever, it’s on brand, it’s topical (did you notice the mix of skin tones?). And even though it’s celebrating the centenary of the iconic bottle, there’s not a single bottle in the ad.

McDonald’s – nearly everything they do

McDonalds outdoor sun dial billboard

There’s no particular campaign in mind here, but lots of snippets. Again, it’s the food that’s only good “in moderation”, but is creatively presented. I love that they use their iconic packaging to tell stories of new products – even non-food ones. And it’s all on brand.

The Design Inspiration has a great gallery of the best of McDonald’s campaigns over the years.

GoDaddy – Working

What’s this? A Super Bowl ad from the company that brings you better boobs than web hosting that doesn’t even include a woman? This ad was a swiftly thrown together days before the Super Bowl, and I love it. In 30 seconds and one shot, it tells how hosting with GoDaddy saves you time, so you have to work late. It’s emotional, simple and fits their new sub-brand.

Amusingly, here’s a post that criticizes this ad for all the reasons I love it.

Starbucks – everything except their CEO’s pet projects

Here’s another company where there was no specific campaign in mind (their in-store is as brilliant as their external work), then I found “Meet me at Starbucks”. It’s a short film that tells the stories of the people meeting at Starbucks. Without saying so, it moves beyond the terrible coffee to the community, which is their brand. I love that their products are nearly always just by-products of their brand.

Well done and congratulations to the teams (internal and agency) behind these. I tip my hat to you.

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