Starbucks of AnalyticsIf you’ve ever been to Starbucks with me you’d know I never drink their espresso. I was introduced to coffee in Melbourne, where there are independent roasters all over the city. However, even with espresso, Starbucks has its place. It has been great in introducing people to espresso. Many of these people then go on to discover the intricate flavors of espresso. So, it’s a starting point.

Big Data is the same. Marketers have been collecting data and analyzing it since the 18th century. This is the same data and analysis that people are now scrambling to attend conferences on and add their expertise of to their LinkedIn profiles.

We’ve always needed data to measure campaign effectiveness, but this was often overlooked. Marketers are creative people; numbers are scary. Gut feel was often considered enough evidence.

Thanks to the concept of Big Data, data analysis is finally getting the recognition and attention it deserves. The nerdy creatives (like me) can finally incorporate measurement into campaigns without getting weird looks from our colleagues. Our clients and bosses will actually appreciate the campaign efficiencies that’ll come from it. After all, it’s hard to argue with the data.

So instead of mouthing off about Big Data being the latest buzz term, encourage your number-phobic colleagues to learn it. After all, Starbucks is the big data of analytics.

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